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Chances are you’re going to sit down to a big holiday meal this week. But I bet you’ve never wondered the most basic scientific question, even though it’s sitting in the middle of your table: Why Do We Cook?

Feed your brain with this delicious tale of human evolution. 

Here’s an idea: When that one weird uncle starts talking about politics tomorrow, you’ve got something else to talk about :)

Happy holidays, my curious friends! 


Spanish artist from Barcelona: Emptyland Jaume Montserrat

"His pen drawings all have a “ribbon effect” that relate to a “void” of each animal. To understand this better, we have to travel back in time. While on a flight back home from South America to Spain—Montserrat falls asleep and imagines waking up on an island where he lives for 29 days with other animals. He explains: “On this island, there was only one animal from each specimen [kind of like Noah’s Ark]. All of them were empty, asexual and immortal. They didn’t need to hunt, nor were they scared of being hunted—so there was a perfect symbiosis.” He and the wildlife lived free from worries, and that empty paradise is what sparked these images."  llusion/ scene360 - Magazine

(Source: archatlas)


Thousands of the birds have arrived to roost in the village near Gretna, Scotland, with the sheer weight of numbers causing disruption. Power supplies in the village have been affected by the number of birds perching on electricity cables. Starlings are among the most common of garden birds, and can be spotted in the Borders in “murmurations” throughout the Autumn period.

(via vanessaeight)